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The Power of Love


The Power of Love.

Just wanted to share this beautiful and humble story with you all, so you can get a little idea of the work we are doing in Kashmir.

Amber has left on 23rd of August to be and work on the The Green Hope Foundation project in Kashmir for grassroots action engaging people to work together for creative and practical real-life solutions to environmental and social crises modern day Kashmir faces due to decades of on going conflict.


Here is a little story she shared with me last week.

Salim has texted me to let me know that since taking the homeopathic remedy yesterday his ewe has made a marked improvement. She did not respond much to anti biotics but today she stood up unassisted for the first time since her illness. He said it is amazing. May she continue to prosper and heal. Just wanted to share this positive news with you. She had diagnosis of brain inflammation. Tremors and shakes developed into semi paralysis of back legs so she couldn't stand without assistance. She was eating on all fours i.e. not standing. We gave her homeopathic prophylaxis for meningitis 2 doses am and pm. Next day she was standing unassisted. She was seen by vet and given antibiotics but did not show any improvement in the condition until the remedy was administered. Also you have to force the ewe to take allopathic medicines. With the homeopathy she was licking Salim's hand and arm after willingly taking the remedy. Now she's able to stand on her own. And is even grazing outside.

She still has some disorientation and Amber is visiting her again to give her another 2 doses of the remedy for meningitis.

Isn't that amazing and beautiful how we all respond to love and tenderness!

This is a true story of the power of love and positive intention.


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