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Our Current programme aims to include:



  • Introduction to Permaculture courses leading to PDC in Kashmir

  • Acquiring land for a Permaculture demonstration site as a focal point and central hub

  • Creating a Permaculture design for this demonstration site

  • Taking a delegation of students from Kashmir to attend IPC India 2017

  • Leading a workshop and presentation about the project in Kashmir at the IPC India

  • Networking and partnerships

  • Awareness raising about the project

  • Fundraising

  • Co-ordinating local and international volunteers on the project

  • Surveys and training in waste management, composting and recycling

  • Creating opportunities for displaced young men of meaningful engagement

  • Victims of trauma being engaged in a safe community space

  • Promoting kitchen gardens for women

  • Teaching Permaculture to students in schools, colleges, and university

  • Creating an open discussion forum for farmers and local growers

  • Promoting food sovereignty

Our two new additions will be added very shortly 

  • Post & Ongoing Trauma Therapy & Recovery 

  • Animal Welfare Programme 

for more info please contact us at:

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