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Green Kashmir 2019-2020. 

1. To deliver workshops across the 10 districts of Kashmir on the Principles

   of Permaculture and Agroecology. 


2. Identify the village for the proposed development of a Permaculture

   Village, in collaboration with the Agricultural Department of Kashmir.


3. Make Permaculture widely practiced across the 10 districts of the

   Kashmir Valley through the Department of Agriculture Kashmir, to play a

   pivotal role in the current vulnerability assessment under way throughout

   the Indian Himalayan Region on Climate Change.


4. Develop partnerships that will also address the urgent issues of Climate

   Change in the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR), and in particular in

   Kashmir, as well as addressing the local grass roots issues of farmers;

   reforestation; water harvesting; introduction of crops that are better

   suited to new and developing climatic conditions; soil protection and

   restoration; and agroecology, etc.

5. Introduce Permaculture and climate change adaptations strategy amongst

   Saffron farmers to support them for the preservation and promotion of

   Kashmir Saffron.  


Permaculture in

Kashmir Schools

Phase one starting

25th May - 6th June 2018

Join us with Justin Robertshaw for this exciting opportunity to explore engaging children in outdoor learning. for more details please click Permaculture in Schools link below. 

After the inauguration and naming ceremony on 21st March 2018. We are delighted to share the official name for our Kashmir Permaculture demonstration site, which will be known as Navroz Bagh 'The garden of the new dawn'

May this be an example of love, sharing, caring, learning, teaching and community spirit..

'Navroz Bagh'
work is in progress!
Please click on the link to 
view some of the images of 'Navroz Bagh 
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