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Waste Management

Srinagar is facing a growing waste crisis that necessitates the immediate implementation of a comprehensive and sustainable waste management strategy if it is to be averted.

There is need for a clear strategy to manage biodegradable waste, including the introduction of food waste collections and efforts to promote home composting. There is enormous potential to turn this waste into organic matter to support local food growing. Knowledge of composting must be disseminated widely. There are also additional benefits of increased food security and access to fresher, chemical-free foods. Green Kashmir can greatly support the municipality in this regard to develop closed-loop Permacultural solutions to waste.    


Managing the impacts of pollution on waterways are as important as terrestrial waste management and are invariably inter-linked.

War on Waste: Waste Management Practices in Srinagar.


Thanusan Gunabalasingham (Waste Management Expert from the UK) and Amber Badyari have completed work on the report that was commissioned by Green Kashmir, and carried out in Srinagar during September- December 2017. The report includes observations made from visits to: 

  • the Anchan landfill site 

  • the Sewage Treatment Plant on the Foreshore Road

  • Dal Lake and a selected Houseboat

  • Private recycling plant in Bemina

  • Plastic collectors on the Shalimar Link Road

  • etc

And a discussion of the following:

  • A discussion on litter and the ban on plastic

  • Composting biodegradables

  • Waste Management Legislation

  • Case Studies 

  • etc.

Please click on the PDF to view full report. 

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