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Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273) is one of the greatest Persian mystics and poets the world has known. His message of love speaks directly to the heart and transcends the limitations of language and the boundaries of time. 

Yesterday I was clever,

so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise,

so I am changing myself



To be or not to be

is not my dilemma.

To break away from both worlds

is not bravery. 

To be unaware of the wonders

that exist in me,


is real madness!


With friends you grow wings.


you are a single feather in disgrace.

With them you master the wind,

but alone,

you're blown in all directions. 


I love my friends

neither with my heart nor with my mind.

Just in case heart might stop, Mind can forget.

I love them with my soul. Soul never stops or forgets


When you’re anxious or worried,

be patient.

The key of patience

opens the door of happiness.


If you want the moon , Do not hide from the night,

If you want a rose , Do not run away from the thorns,

If you want to love , Do not hide from yourself. 


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