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Green Kashmir Mission Statement

To introduce the practices and ethics of Permaculture into the region of the Kashmir Valley, as a way of promoting community resilience and environmental regeneration.


To work with local people, at a grass roots level, to explore ways of creating opportunities for resource building, biodiversity, and active hope.

​By training people in the ways of Permaculture to create the possibility for new solutions to old problems, whilst at the same time honouring traditional practices and ways that respect the relationships between people and the land.


The demonstration site will be an inspirational source for education and training opportunities in Permaculture, and will help the overall aim of The Green Hope Foundation to introduce and then establish Permaculture in the Kashmir valley.


We aim to promote soil regeneration, biodiversity, polyculture growing systems, water cultivation, GMO and chemical free methods that enrich and nourish the soil instead of depleting it, and which will all render an abundant yield to share. Our aspiration is that the outcome will be the restoring of the natural ecosystems, and the arising of a new sense of guardianship and stewardship of the land.


By introducing the ideas of waste management, composting and recycling we will encourage local people, and potentially the local authorities to look after the natural environment.

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