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Our Vision

      Central to our vision are three main ethics: earthcare, peoplecare and fairshare

      To change the perspective from scarcity thinking to finding abundance and wholeness in the

      interconnectedness of life; dignity in the resourcefulness of the human body and mind; and empowerment       in the ability to provide for our own most basic human needs; from food and shelter to companionship and       purpose.


      Offering a practical, value-based design framework to take challenges and turn them into opportunities. 


      To make permaculture practices inclusive for all, to be used by anyone, anywhere.

The aim is to start with a fresh approach by introducing Permaculture practices, principles and ethics into the region, with the aim of rebuilding communities, establishing food sovereignty, economic opportunities, environmental regeneration, and healing through active hope, and by capacity building, problem solving and abundance generation through holistic means. Kashmir is the metaphor and Permaculture is the paradigm for peace and new beginnings. The hoped-for outcome is peacebuilding and the demonstration of how Permaculture in conflict zones can contribute to peaceful and practical solutions where healing of the people and the land can take place simultaneously.

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