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Memorial Tree Planting 

Kashmir has seen lot of grief in the last three decades and our aim with Memorial Tree planting is to bring some comfort from the pain of grief to help to heal the wounds of the families and friends who have lost their loved ones in traumatic ways during the conflict. 
The most meaningful memorial is one that will benefit coming generations.
Remembering them with a living tree is an act of love for them, their families, and our earth.

In planting a tree, you are giving the gift of life back to the earth. This can be a most honourable and appropriate gift of remembrance.
A vibrant, beautiful tree benefits everyone... now and for future generations to come. For this reason, a tree provides a wonderful symbol of the continuance of life while benefiting the earth. 
Plant a memorial tree in memory of your lost loved one... 
Contact us today and we will help you to plant a tree in honor of your loved one
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