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Our Aims & Objectives

  • To educate and to demonstrate to local people the principles and practices of Permaculture
  • To promote renewable and sustainable energy generation and usage in the region
  • To promote environmentally friendly waste management systems
  • To preserve and conserve the heritage of the major waterbodies of the region
  • To work with local communities to promote eco-friendly sewage waste systems
  • To support eco-friendly tourism projects
  • To provide learning opportunities for local people at all levels promoting sustainable development, permaculture principles, and green solutions to environmental degradation
  • To encourage local action to restore bio-diversity and ecological well-being by sharing skills and resources
  • To develop partnerships, and to work co-operatively with other environmental projects
  • To promote tree planting, and to establish a plant nursery for local and native plants and seeds   
  • To provide work and training opportunities for volunteers and students
  • To engage the local community including local educators in the promotion of sustainable practices, and permaculture principles
  • To work with women and children towards their empowerment through environmental projects and the regeneration of their locality to demonstrate gender equality
  • To host events to highlight the importance of the large water bodies of the area as sites of world heritage interest and to promote our core activities
  • To promote a sense of community, care and well-being for the environment, economy, the people and the wildlife and vegetation that shares this locality
  • To improve water quality and sanitation and availability of these services
  • To support the local community to regenerate the area using the principles of permaculture
  • To promote animal welfare
  • To assist and promote organic/ free range/poultry/ and to encourage women in traditional ways of hen keeping   
  • To assist in the development of affordable, eco-friendly housing projects
  • To encourage the benefits to be enjoyed by all without discrimination to race, religion, gender, age, disability, class, sexual orientation.
  • To use an ethics based, non-partisan, non-political approach concurrent with all projects
  • To recruit trained personnel and source trainers and experts to ensure skilled participation by them in achieving the objects of the Society


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