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Two Day Course: Introduction to Permaculture in Kashmir

Who this course is for:



This course is an introduction to the design tools and principles of Permaculture and an exploration of its ability to create the conditions necessary for a culture of peace and abundance.

The course is for anyone who is interested in finding out what Permaculture is, and how to apply its tools, and principles to a number of situations and contexts. It is also relevant for people involved in peacework, and people looking for a different, holistic approach to change and fresh inspiration.

The teaching style of the course is varied in order to cover different learning styles; it is a highly participatory and engaging course, encouraging participants to bring in, and share their own knowledge and experience.

Participants gain:



  • A clear understanding of what Permaculture is, its origins, the context under which it came about and its development;
  • Knowledge of its ethical framework and the basic ecological principles;
  • An overview of its applications in various fields, as a response to social, economic and environmental challenges, and as a tool for personal transformation and social change;
  • An exploration of the concept of active hope.


Group photo of students and teachers of Green Kashmir on the Introduction course to Permaculture, delivered at Srinagar Kashmir in September 2016.

Introduction to Permaculture courses leading to full Permaculture Design Course (PDC). 

In the autumn of 2017 we will deliver an introduction to permaculture course to agriculture and environment students, farmers and anyone who is interested in finding out what Permaculture is, and shortlist a group of students for the PDC 2018 to be held in Kashmir. 

For 2017 course registration, please get in touch with Amber at: 

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