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Kashmir Emergency Relief Fund My Story


I have now almost become dysfunctional with this Intense anxiety caused by the ongoing Kashmir crises. 

I have been hoping the situation in Kashmir will calm down little bit, but it looks there is still not sign in sight of this abating. The ongoing situation in Kashmir is having a devastating effect on people’s lives, which is deeply worrying for me on so many levels.

Before I left for Kashmir on my emergency visit in August. Amber managed to speak with some key organizations here in the UK about the Kashmir situation and we were met with compassion and friendliness with regards our deep concerns for our Brothers and Sisters in Kashmir.

We managed to raise some funds for the emergency food relief for Kashmir and I was able to distribute food to several families who were close to destitution and were confined to eating one small meal a day.

Some of the stories some of the families shared with me were very disturbing and heart breaking and I really wished I could do more to help some more families, but unfortunately, I had a very limited resources and time.

The pain and hardships inflicted on Kashmiri people have sent shock waves around the globe; but the ground reality is the situation has not improved even after almost 3 months, in fact it is getting worst everyday passing, and what makes it harder is outside charities and agencies are not currently allowed in Indian Administered Kashmir to deliver emergency relief.

Therefore, I have found myself obliged to take action, and due to the sensitive nature of the region, it has been left to people like me who are from Kashmir to access support from outside and to then share and distribute relief from within Kashmir.


I have decided to return back to Kashmir to continue with some more distribution of emergency food relief for those families who are desperate in the current situation in Kashmir.

Please stand in solidarity with Kashmiri families and help me to offer real, practical help to those in a critical need.

Here are some ways you can help.

    1. Donate a one of payment towards the Kashmir Emergency Relief Fund

      2. Sponsor a family for £70 a month          

      3. Make a purchase from our Chakra Foundation website to buy a

          meaningful early Christmas Gift, and we will donate the 25% of the purchase amount

          towards the Kashmir Emergency Relief Fund.

      4. Hold a Kashmir Solidarity gathering in your area and invite us for a talk to raise

            awareness about the plight of our Kashmiri Brothers and Sisters, as well as with the

           aim of raising some funds towards the Emergency Relief Fund.

      5. If you already are organizing any event, you can help to raise some funds for 

           the Kashmir Emergency Relief Fund in your event by nominating our charity for your 


      6.  If you are a Psychologist/ Psychiatrist / or have experience in dealing with mental 

            health issues, and are able to come with us to Kashmir to help with mental health

           crises in Kashmir, then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.  




You can read more about Kashmir Emergency Relief Fund by following the below link.



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for Emergency Relief and List of Food Essentials



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