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Some of the Highlights of our Green Kashmir Foundation trip in September 2016

Our Day 1 on Thursday 22nd September.
Visiting the Headquarters of Athrout Helping Hands Humanitarian Charity based in Srinagar. Meeting with the Chairman of Athrout Dr Bashir Nadwi was such a privilege and finding more about their humanitarian work they do was such a great insight of the difficulties and challenges they face in helping and providing aid. Dr Nadwi is such a delightful human being with a big and compassionate heart. He and all is volunteers are doing absolutely crucial and extraordinary work at the grass roots level by providing some basic essentials to so many people in these difficult times. What a great mission Dr Bashir and all his team has taken on and we at Green Kashmir support and stand by the mission of Athrout. One of the basic and essential foundation principles of Permaculture is People Care.
Green Kashmir team in Srinagar on the edge of famous Dal Lake Thursday 22nd September 2016
Day 2 Friday 23rd September meeting some of our Srinagar based Green Kashmir Members.
Jenny Lynn also delivered Active Listening skills course to Green Kashmir members on this day. 
 Houseboats of Mr Amin Pala where we stayed 2 nights during our trip. Mr Amin is a very old friend of one of our Green Kashmir member. Amin was very helpful and supportive for the idea of introducing permaculture principles and practices in and around the lake for regeneration and restoration of the Dal Lake. 
Saturday 24th September 2016. Green Kashmir team surveying the Dal Lake by Shikara.
There are lots areas of the Dal Lake where the weed has taken over completely, which almost looks like a field. The weed blocks the path and makes it extremely difficult for local residents and other shikaras to move around. High level of human sewage treated and untreated goes directly into the lake. High nitrogen encourages high level of weed in the lake which is choking the lake and effecting the aquatic life very badly as well.
Sunday 25th September we visited the famous vegetable floating market, early hours of the morning to catch all the action. These are the vegetables grown on the lake on some of the floating vegetable gardens by the local people and every morning they gather to do the trade of buying and selling. These are some traditional practices and ways of life and these vegetable growers play extremely vital role to feed the people of Srinagar. We at Green Kashmir are very proud of this community who work with land to be self sufficient and self sustaining. Old traditional ways are the best proven ways and this is the proof how extremely valuable these practices are. Permaculture already there in Action in the traditional ways. This is the way of life we need to preserve and encourage everywhere. 
These beautiful flowers are also grown on the Dal lake, than mainly sold directly by these growers to the tourists staying on the houseboats. But sad thing to witness was there are not any tourists visiting Kashmir now a days and the way of life of these people is threatened and challenged by the conflict in the region. The only hope for their way of life to survive is peace in the region, so the tourists can return and enjoy the outstanding natural beauty of Kashmir.  
Green Kashmir Team meeting in the houseboat with some of the houseboat owners and Vegetable growers of the Dal Lake, accompanied by our special guest
Mr Athar Parveaz Environmental Journalist.
27th September 2016. First day of delivering Permaculture Introduction Course in Srinagar Kashmir. 
Some group exercises during the day.
Some of the highlights of the Green Kashmir Course Two.
Active Listening and confidence building, delivered by Green Kashmir executive member and teacher Jenny Lynn. By profession Psychologist and Psychotherapist and an amazing teacher.
Group photo of all the students of the two courses and Green Kashmir teachers.
Green Kashmir members at the International Day of Peace to Non Violence at the United Nations Information Centre in New Delhi.
Green Kashmir members at the Bhoomi (Mother Earth) Festival New Delhi organized by Navdanya. Very informative day on Bio diversity and Organic ways of Growing food.
At Bhoomi we also had great pleasure meeting Dr Vandana Shiva founder of Navdanya.
Some of the Green Kashmir members meeting Dr M.Hussain Shah founder of Green Scan Consultants, A Kashmir based NGO working in the fields of Agriculture and Horticulture in Kashmir
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